Peer Ederer is closely linked with the following institutions:

Stiftung Marktwirtschaft

The Market Economy Foundation (Stiftung Marktwirtschaft) stands for the advancement of market-oriented thought and action. The Foundation adheres to the conviction that the market offers society a greater degree of freedom and prosperity than does statism and government intervention. In this vein, if Germany is to be prepared for the future, freedom, competition, and accountability must be strengthened and solidarity must be balanced with the right to keep what one earns. The state is important as an adjudicator, not as an active fellow player in the economy.


We must once again understand the market economy as an ethical concept and recognize the importance of our individual responsibility and autonomy. State interventions hinder dynamism and initiative in many areas of life, and have contributed to the problems for which the market economy has been sacrificed as a scapegoat.