Peer Ederer has been active with scientific activities in numerous ways. He has been engaged in 30+ academic research projects, usually as the lead researcher. He has been author of 8 monographs, two of them becoming bestselling books, and wrote a number of contributions for academic journals, book chapters, magazines and research reports. He also authored more than 100 case studies on management questions, usually in direct contact with the CEO of the featured company. He presents his research findings many times per year at various occasions and conferences, and is a regular speaker at company events.

Peer Ederer is also a passionate teacher. He has taught in many different formats on every continent in the world: from guiding CEO-level executive seminars to ECTS undergraduate courses, from MBA courses in China to field learning excursions in Africa, he has designed and delivered more than 120 different teaching assignments. He also was Course Head for a 
MOOC (Mentored Open Online Course) on Solution and Innovation Skills, which he created for Leuphana and Zeppelin University in autumn 2014 and for which he received outstanding reviews.