MOOC – Solution and Innovation Skills

In 2014 Peer Ederer designed and delivered a MOOC on Solution and Innovation Skills in collaboration with 11 outstanding professors in their field. You can explore the MOOC here:
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"Best MOOC ever, congratulation, very generous in content, top video quality, easy to understand"

"The value of the course is astonishing. I was very positively overwhelmed"

"It is an amazing course: lecturers (really top performer), material presented (a lot of efforts to make it as realistic as it can be), tutors and mentors (high degree of availability and supper), very nice software"

"On the whole, I am finding this course incredible. The choice of the teachers and speakers is excellent. The documents and videos are well segregated and labelled. The assignment is given in full detail in video as well as written form. I found the entire team very friendly, responsive and approachable and this is something I miss in the other regular Mooc's I have taken."

“Have you ever been taught a single subject by over a dozen experts in a period of 3 months or less? Imagine a hall where a single teacher is giving a lecture to a hundred students. Now imagine each of these hundred students learning from a dozen or so teachers, from the different universities across the world, looking at the same topic from diverse angles. And then these hundred learners team upand collaborate to create innovative solutions. That’s the experience we got! Solution and Innovation skills Mooc was equivalent to a brain shift. It doesn’t just give knowledge; it strives to give skills to find and use the knowledge, you may not even have! For this vigorous course, you need to give it its due, by devoting the time and effort that it truly deserves. We were given a complex problem solving (CPS) test before the start of the course and have been told to compare our results by retaking the test after the course. Now, it’s time for me to retake that test. The mindshift, I sense, would have already happened.”