“In the beginning there was nothing but God. One ordinary day, God received a box full of peas. He wondered where they might have come from, since he knew nobody else besides himself. He didn’t trust the box and left it untouched in the corner. 


Seven days later, the husks began to burst open and catapulted the peas violently into the nothingness. Most of the peas that came from the same husk stayed together and circled around each other. They started to grow and glow, and thus turned into a universe. 


God was quite amazed about the whole affair. On the surface of one of the peas there developed all sorts of life-things, among them also humans who knew him. They ascribed the creation of the universe to him, and honored him for that.


God did not object to the praise, but to this day he keeps on pondering who the devil could have sent him this box of peas.”



Short story by Franz Hohler, Swiss Comedian, 1997 (translated)