Innovation is recognized as a discipline of management research with a correspondingly large diversity of perspectives concerning what constitutes good and and not so good innovation management.


One research area of the Innovation and Growth Academy attempts to group this diversity of perspectives on innovation management into a scheme of innovation paradoxes, which managers can utilize to mastermind and custom-make their own best innovation strategy.


This research remains work in progress for the foreseeable future, and therefore the innovation paradoxes suggested below, should be viewed as an invitation for debate and consideration.

Innovation Inputs: Scientific vs Pragmatic
Driver Technology vs Solutions
Method Invention vs Imitation
Strategy Exploration vs Exploitation
Innovation Outputs: Narrow vs Broad
Target Products vs Process
Impact Evolution vs Revolution
Focus Specific Users vs Generic Users
Innovation Configuration: Concentrated vs Dispersed
Arena Local vs Global
Organisation Depth vs Breadth
Network Autonomy vs Cooperation
Innovation Process: Mechanistic vs Organic
Culture Logic vs Creative
Structure Control vs Chaos
Procedure Deliberate vs Emergent